Founded by writer-educator pair S. Bear Bergman and j wallace skelton, Flamingo Rampant makes books that are both nutritious and delicious: fun stories and beautifully illustrated children's picture books containing important values like racial justice, disability pride, kids taking action, and most of all loving, positive LGBT2Q+ families and communities. When traditional publishing produced mostly difficult stories of harassment or bullying and insipid books whose proud "message" was that gay parents aren't necessarily bad, Flamingo Rampant went... a different way. We show LGBT2Q+ kids, families, and communities that are full of fun, celebration, adventure, shenanigans and lots of love.

So far we've got 16 beautiful books under our (very stylish) belts and we've learned a lot. In celebration of all our learning, individually and together, we bring you new creations, new pictures and new ways to build important, fun stories!