Founded by writer-educator pair S. Bear Bergman and j wallace skelton, Flamingo Rampant makes books that are both nutritious and delicious: fun stories and beautifully illustrated children's picture books containing important values like racial justice, disability pride, kids taking action, and most of all loving, positive LGBT2Q+ families and communities. When traditional publishing produced mostly difficult stories of harassment or bullying and insipid books whose proud "message" was that gay parents aren't necessarily bad, Flamingo Rampant went... a different way. We show LGBT2Q+ kids, families, and communities that are full of fun, celebration, adventure, shenanigans and lots of love.

So far we've got 16 beautiful books under our (very stylish) belts and we've learned a lot. In celebration of all our learning, individually and together, we bring you new creations, new pictures and new ways to build important, fun stories!

Submission Guidelines

Flamingo Rampant makes children's picture books that feature or center LGBT2Q kids and families. We’re always interested in pitches, agented or unagented, that show well, loved, powerful kids and families in a positive and celebratory light. Send your story or story idea, and we’ll get back to you in 6-8 weeks with our thoughts.

In order to keep our mission clear and focused, we have some clear boundaries about what we do and don’t publish - which doesn’t mean these are the only worthwhile books on the world! It just means they’re what WE make at Flamingo Rampant. Please read carefully to see if you’re a good fit for us:

1. You DO NOT need to send illustrations with your book, in fact we generally prefer you don’t unless you hope to illustrate yourself. Even then, one or two sample pages are plenty.

2. We only publish books with human families as main characters. We love penguins, worms, dinosaurs, zebras and puppies a lot but we know there are so many kids who need to see themselves reflected directly in this space. Animal secondary characters are fine, of course, but if your book is about a sloth who falls in love with a lemur we don’t have a home for it here.

3. We don’t publish books that have primary narratives about bullying, ostracization, harassment or violence. If your book is about a kid who is made to feel like their identity or family is a problem, that’s not going to be a book for us.

4. Flamingo Rampant loves books where kids are the primary problem-solvers, action-takers, adventurers and lead disruptors. We love it especially when girls and nonbinary characters show strong leadership.

5. We have a strong value around #ownvoices work - send us pitches about YOUR community, celebrations, culture, and experiences! While we always appreciate the work of allies, the number of books ABOUT LGBT2Q kids/families; Black, Indigenous, and kids/families of color and disabled kids has increased while the number of writers who live in those identities is still flatlined. So bring us your best #ownvoices work!

6. We’re always looking for illustrators, especially QTPOC illustrators. You don’t have to have a formal portfolio; we’ve gotten very good at assessing based on instagram art, school projects, Tumblr commissions and so forth. But send us your work and introduce yourself, even if you don’t have a project in mind yet! We’d love to meet you.