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If you are a librarian or community worker writing to request a free book for your organization or institution, please fax your request on organizational letterhead to 320-205-3792. You request should include your contact information and mailing address. We ask that you only make this request if either a) you have no budget for materials or b) you believe that your organization would be unlikely to approve the purchase of these books. If you desire a certain title in particular, or if there are urgent circumstances surrounding your interest in Flamingo Rampant titles, please let us know in your request letter.

If you are the host or organizer of a conference and are interested in making books available to attendees, please email events at flamingorampant dot com, and give us the name, website (if applicable) and dates of your event. We may be able to send a vendor and/or allow your organization to bulk-purchase books at a discount. These requests should be made as far in advance of the event as possible.

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